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Hawaii Bachata Fusion

Hawaii has many different forms of Bachata just like the Mainland. You have dancers here that dance the original form of Bachata that derived from the Dominican Republic, and you have dancers that added a group feel to it like Bachata Rueda, however my personal favorite is the Bachata Fusion.

Bachata has evolved over the years to include R&B, Jazz, Tango and other genres of styles to the music itself hence furthering its development and  popularity as a mainstream genre in the states. Over the years many dancers have explored and develop new styles to compliment the musicality of these new subsets to the Bachata genre, however there will always be a fundamental and essential set of elements of which all these dancers derive their understanding of Bachata from.  In Hawaii one dance school has studied and analyzed the talents from many top performers/instructors of the mainland and has developed a style of its own. Through hard work, dedication and a support system of top dancers, 808 Bachata Advancement dance company was born. They are one of the few Bachata dance schools on Islands teaching regular series classes, free club classes, workshop both on Oahu and outer Islands and creating dance routines.

808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company

Featured Dance Company 

Hawaii has been blessed with many talented individuals coming to Hawaii and teaching us what they know, their influences are carried on by each school, individual dancer and promoter on Island. We all send many thanks to them and look forward to more exciting adventures as out local dance scene continues to flourish and develop.



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