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Hawaii Bachata Instructors Practice

808 Bachata Advancement just completed its first formal videoed practice yesterday. Until now none of of the practices were videoed except for workshop creation. Yesterday at the University of Hawaii we developed more content to promote Bachata in Hawaii and worked on the advancement or our own skills. During the initial practice we spoke about and refined our Bachata 101 series class for the student in Hawaii and then we turned our focus to more advanced Bachata footwork and creative choero options.

Abby Frazier and Kyle Quintal are the instructors for 808 Bachata Advancement and we love to help those who are in need. So if you do see us in the local dance scene, please feel free to ask us for help. We run classes, workshops and more and would love to share our knowledge and Bachata with you.

Visit: http://www.808bachataadvancement.com/ or http://www.bachatainhawaii.com/