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Hawaii Bachata Classes and Workshops

I am so proud to release the news that Hawaii’s Latin dance scene is growing. As many of you know our Salsa and Bachata clubs are growing and the experience is being enhanced through the efforts of new and old instructors alike. Hedging the efforts in Bachata is a dance company known as 808 Bachata Advancement lead by Kyle Quintal and supported by his team Abby Frazier, Cristal Mortensen and Carlo Barbasa. They fused style of Bachata has given new inspiration to the dancers in Hawaii. They have been creating content and teaching through workshop on Oahu and expanding to the outer Islands. The news is that they have created a comprehensive syllabus that encompasses several 8 week courses to bring their love and understanding of Bachata to those in Hawaii.

The Bachata classes start with a series of 101 and then then progresses into the 102 series

Check out our series 101 starting in Sept 2013: http://www.808bachataadvancement.com/home/classes-2/series-101/

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  • Derrick March 10, 2014 - 11:05 am